Why give money to the church?


-Is it "the right thing to do"?

-God needs it?

-The church expects it?

-A good tax write-off?

Before explaining what to write on your check or how to give online, it’s far more important that you know why we encourage you to give to God by giving to the church. To put it simply, it’s what God says to do. He tells us in the Bible that He wants us to give regularly, generously, and sacrificially out of all He gives us - all as part of our worship of Him.

Not because God needs what we have. But because we need to give it. What we do with what we have directs our heart. Giving to God reminds us that He has given us everything we have, and can be counted on to meet every need we will ever have. Giving something back to Him is an expression of gratitude and worship.

Online via Paypal

Quickly and easily set up a one-time or recurring gift through Turn & Live’s secure paypal account access. By creating an account you will have access to schedule or change your giving and view your giving history.You may use a credit or debit card, or have an amount drawn directly from your checking account using eCheck.